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Michael F.
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Michael F. Punishing hardcore with all the meat and some wicked vocal perfection; a nice change of pace from intelligible growls, these guys have energy seeping from every pore. Spouting lyrics to make Jello Biafra proud... "We don't like you, you will hate us..." No way. This is one fucking awesome dog and pony show. Favorite track: Non-Committal.
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released May 28, 2013

Recorded by Jason Gluck at Brainsplitter Studios Oakland, CA
Mixed and Mastered by Phil Jones at The Dangler Seattle, WA



all rights reserved


Strangeways (formerly No Limbs) Oakland, California

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Track Name: Non-Committal
We're making no guarantees here.
Don't look to us to answer your pain.
We're nothing more than a dog and pony show,
So let your notion of solution just go away.

We're not like you.
You're not like us.
We don't like you.
You will hate us.

Track Name: Smoke and Mirrors
Waking up to live a lie.
Dreams of grandeur until you die.
Trudging at a fucking snail's pace.
Open eyes on a blindfolded face.
Open eyes on a blindfolded face.

Bullshit wisdom from a total fake.
Your contrived life from nothing I take.
I could not give a fuck less.
No inspiration, I am not impressed.
No inspiration, I am not impressed.

Smoke and mirrors.
Smoke and mirrors.
Track Name: Writer's Block
A tortured mind will see no rest tonight.
Putting pen to paper only blank pages in sight.
Blue lines on white, black ink on pulp.
Its been years and still nothing to write.

This outlet was cathartic at one time.
Now frustration only lends itself to mind.
Screams on deaf ears would be a pleasant change.
Give me a reason to ache, give me a reason to hate.

Unblock my mind.
Un-fuck my mind.

My hands are straining just to let you know
What once was we will never have again.
How much longer can I refuse this apathy
Wrapped just like a blanket around me.
Track Name: Stuck
Unwilling to change with time
How much longer can you hold the line?
It's growing up, not giving up
I've learned a lesson - when to stop

Stuck in amber, lost in space
Hurry up to wait in this fucking place
Looking past adolescent dreams
There's more than anger more than screams
Track Name: Social Anxiety
Thoughts running through my mind.
Eyes pointed to the ground.
Sweat covering my palms.
Afraid to join the crowd.

I can feel the panic attack.
Knees have begun to shake.
What am I doing here?
Get me the fuck out of this place.

I am about to burst.
On the verge of losing it.
Hold on and don't let go.
This ride goes only one place.

This is my social anxiety.